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Strategic partnership

Working with our portfolio companies via Strategic partnership

In order to create opportunities for Companies from around the world to explore and benefit from the emergence of marketplace in UAE, we support companies to establish strategic partnership with Business management office of HH Sheikh.
Business management office of HH Sheikh plays an important governance role in respect of its portfolio companies by participating in the formation of high calibre and experienced boards or management teams through the use of board / management representation. BM office does not direct the day to day operations of its portfolio companies. Each of the portfolio companies is managed by its respective management and guided and supervised by its own Board of Directors.
However, in its capacity as a shareholder, BM office of HH Sheikh does have the ability to actively engage various stakeholders, including the boards and management of its portfolio companies. Shareholder activity is carried out to implement BM office of HH sheikh’s mandate to supervise and monitor its portfolio companies and any coordination between them.
BM office of HH Sheikh provides assistance as and when it may be required to its portfolio to support their development through the provision of strategic advice on, among other matters, funding, ESG, and legal affairs.
In addition, Business management office of HH Sheikh facilitates the implementation of co-operative ventures in furtherance of its mandate to supervise and monitor its portfolio companies and coordinate effective cooperation between them.
Strategic partnership

Strategic Support

Investment Advisory & Arrangement Services

Portfolio companies requiring finance for project, acquisition or other reasons will be offered arrangement and finance options.

Business Development Services (including Inti)

Lead generation & opportunity identification supported by deep local knowledge of GCC & other adjacent markets

Media & Communications

Services supporting JV Companies require social, electronic, print media support, press releases, focused media coverage.

Business Strategy & Innovation Advisory Services

Strategy Development & JV alignment is critical to overall performance, strategy development, review,

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory Services

will offer services & expertise covering local and regional legal issues, compliance requirements & industry regulatory issues

Accounting, General Administration, Platform & Utilities

Payroll, HR, recruitment &selection, Chartered Accountant, PRO, ITSupportalong with various other

Govt Relations & Special situations

We provide securities and corporate law advice, but we go beyond that. We guide the directors in the discharge of their fiduciary duty.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) team has a strong track record of undertaking significant and complex M&A acquisitions and disposals across the GCC region.
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