Director- Corporate Services & SME Outreach Program

Mubarakka Lokhandwala Ghadiyali

Dynamic, Young Entrepreneur Ms. Mubarakka Lokhandwala Ghadiyali, has successfully proven her Track Record in several Industries such as Travel, Real Estate and the Medical Tourism Sectors.
She has been Awarded the LCGI Award from city and Guilds UK. She is the First in Asia and Youngest in the World to have been conferred this Award. She is the Chief Promoter and on the board of directors of One world Business Group, which deals in activities such as Blockchains,Robotics and Artificial intelligence.Ms Mubarakka hails from a multi billion dollar family office having its operations in Asia,Europe and the Middle east. She has been the chair of trustees of Blue Sky Villages UK, also based in India and having operations in Africa and The Middle East which aims at improving socio economic conditions of people below poverty line by improving the standards of living and Environment in general, which has adopted several villages Across the world in order
to provide a market to the handicraft products produced by them on an International Level. She Has been an active member of the Lions Club on the International level which is a 25 year old organization in India which conducts projects in Education, Women and Child Development and Women Empowerment on the District and State Levels.She runs an online portal which helps provide Investments to women in the Rural Areas to get support for their home based cottage and small scale Industries in the form of Investments.She is also a Pilot and and an international lawyer.