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Work in collaboration with stakeholders to implement the best thinking in the field of Competitiveness to support the people and enterprises of Country/State in reaching their full productive potential.


Enhance the global Competitiveness of the Country/state, its enterprises, and private businesses by advocating policies, leading initiatives, and creating a shared understanding and awareness among its stakeholders.
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Promoting Bilateral Trade And Investment For Sustainable Development Globally

The Business Management Office of HH Sheikh Hamdan Al Nahyan,Abu Dhabi was established with the aim of achieving the highest levels of competitiveness  by creating a diverse and sustainable environment that enables the businesses and companies across Public/Private sector to create robust Investment Promotion  in order to attract FDI from Global Individual/Institutional Investors to the country/region. The office helps create an economic environment that stimulates innovation and initiative, which encourages investment and the success of economic projects in the target country.

The office aims to improve the competitiveness indicators of the Country/state in light of the global competitiveness indicators through coordination with various governmental and private agencies to develop and facilitate the business environment, monitor the performance of competitiveness, and submit the necessary proposals to develop competitive thinking.

The office also works in cooperation with its relevant partners to prepare studies specialized in competitiveness and work to enhance the competitive environment of the Country/state by developing action plans with specific targets, developing policies and competitiveness initiatives in support of developing the economy of the state in particular and the Country in general.

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